Too local part 2

Today I visited the little wood not far from my house.

wide path through bushes and trees

There’s a car park at the edge of it and the wood backs on to a new housing estate, but as soon as we start moving along the wide path through the trees, this all retreats.  I had expected the wood to have a single path around the edge, but there are a variety of routes which make the space seem surprisingly large.  As we reach the top of a slight hill, we come to an open space with a view that stretches out over the trees to the far horizon.

The grass is cut short making it easily accessible and there is a circle of equipment for a green gym with wooden benches  and frames.  Despite the sunshine and the other cars in the car park we only see one person with their dog.

Down the other side of the hill and again paths run in all directions, brambles that will be thick with blackberries later in the year cluster thickly on either side of us, but the paths are well maintained and we find ourselves in another glade, again with green gym equipment, but this time mechanical.

We take a narrow path, that looks less travelled, deeper into the trees and see the remains of a den built by children in the school holidays.   Finally the path rises taking us through a corridor of trees back to our starting point.

path through trees, sun shine on leaves and shadows on path

This has been a short walk and many of the paths remain unexplored, but next time I drive by it will be a familiar wood, rather than a block of trees.

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