Shorter days, longer walks

As dawn and dusk draw closer together and the days get shorter, I have changed my daily walking habits from three lots of ten minutes to either fifteen minutes or thirty minutes.  My route has changed to explore a wider area and as I hate walking the same road going out and coming back, I try and make this a loop. At the moment my paths through the countryside and along the cliffs are not much fun as we have had so many on rainy days leaving everything sticky and unpleasant, so I have been sticking to the roads.  Once it gets cold and the ground freezes I will explore the winter landscape.

Today I walked down a road which I must have driven along hundreds of times and noticed a narrow house which I have never seen before, completely covered in ivy, it was squeezed in between two much larger houses. I have time to admire the gardens as I pass and in one I notice some decorative paving which makes a grey parking space in front of the house into something a little more appealing. 

black and white cat in centre of tall grass and woody sticks from bushes.
Cat paradise

Turning off the main road and into a side street, I am surprised to find a wild green space.  More and more houses are being built in my area, so I wasn’t expecting to see this and I am a little shocked that I didn’t know this piece of land existed.  What I like best is that the ground has been left completely wild, there are tracks for bikes and dog walkers but no one has been trying to tame this place.

bush covered with red berries
Autumn bounty

It’s only when I continue and reach a new housing estate that I realised I have passed this rough ground from the other side, I just didn’t recognise it.  It’s a grubby green lung in amongst so many houses and a pleasant surprise to me to see something unexpected so close to my home.

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