On the edge

There is a hotel we have visited in previous years, which in the autumn and winter months offers hibernation breaks.  It’s a wonderful idea when it’s cold, windy and wet to go away for a weekend or a mid week break to be coddled and cosseted.  Somehow it’s never quite the same staying at home; I still need to cook, I see the same surroundings that have been my workplace all week, and all the little jobs waiting to be done nag at me, stopping me from truly relaxing.

road passing over mill stream in front of the Millstream hotel
Ducks admiring the Millstream Hotel

The Millstream Hotel at Bosham is a lovely place to stay and relax and the surrounding village is perfect to explore on foot.  For me, the most interesting part is the estuary and how it interacts with the built up area.  When we first visited, the staff in the restaurant told me I would be able to see the sea coming up the road as it was high tide. 

After we had eaten, I went to explore and found water lapping up the road.  It was too dark to investigate properly, so I had to wait until the next day to check this out properly.  I returned at low tide and found the sea runs into a harbour which becomes marsh at low tide.  All the gardens have walls that separate them from the path which runs around the marsh. 

road with a sign that warns that the road floods each tide 150 yards ahead.
Be warned, this road ends in the water

There is also a short cut across the marsh, a type of causeway, which is only visible at low tide.  Once I’d checked the tide timetables I took the raised path across the muddy expanse and came back following the longer circular path at the edge.  All of this is covered at high tide, no path, no causeway, just water lapping at the bottom of the garden walls.

mud and puddles with a thin narrow path running down the middle to houses on the far side.
The waters part to allow a short cut

And as I had seen the previous night, water creeping up the road into the village.  This blurred line between land and water fascinates me; I live on the coast but I am used to cliffs, beaches and a clear delineation between the two elements, here the water floods and retreats as a normal occurrence.  It is a special place.  I have my fingers crossed, hopefully we can go back soon.

Millstream Hotel at Bosham 

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