Heritage Trees

The autumn glow has made me notice the trees around me more than the summer when they are just a green backdrop to my walks.  Now the surge of colour appears in tiny bursts in gardens, or at the end of side streets.  I have been reading about heritage trees and the work done to map them in Kent.  Apparently there are four fairly near to where I live, but I haven’t been able to track them down yet.  I think they are on farmland from the look of the map but a quick drive by didn’t show anything I thought worthy of the title.

Between Rochester cathedral and castle

I’m pretty sure the Catalpa tree next to Rochester cathedral must be a heritage tree; a quick Google suggests that at 150 years old, it’s the oldest one of its kind in England.

tall spreading tree in front of houses dwarfed in the distance.
In a small residential street

In the meantime, I decide to look for local trees that are not listed but that should have at least an honourable mention.  When I was young, there used to be lots of elm trees growing around my home town, but they were taken down by Dutch Elm disease.  Now we have a new woodland, but there are also a lot of individual trees, that I have walked or driven past without considering.

very large willow tree in back garden, shed at right edge of photo
A back garden

As autumn is fast moving into winter, and there are more leaves on the ground than on the trees, I have been in a hurry to capture some photos of the most architectural or colourful trees.  Next spring I will watch impatiently to see them return to green and see the blossoms that I barely paid attention to earlier this year.

tree branches all curving down covered in tiny golden leaves
A front garden

Kent Heritage Trees

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