Welcome back part 2

It’s 8am on Monday morning.  My favourite French place in Canterbury, Cafe St Pierre has just re-opened and we are there for breakfast, we’re the first ones through the door, sitting at our favourite table,  with two petit dejeuners (a croissant, toasted baguette and jam,  and a bowl of coffee). We indulge in an extraContinue reading “Welcome back part 2”

The past is a foreign country

‘It seemed bigger when I was little.’  How many times do we say this as adults returning to a place we visited as a child.  It feels like Alice in Wonderland, have we grown or has the world shrunk?  It’s not really a surprise, what is more surprising is returning to a place you rememberContinue reading “The past is a foreign country”

All the little things

This week I sat outside a cafe and drank coffee from a proper cup, not a takeaway and had pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.  Cooked by someone else!  It’s surprising how important the little things are; for others it’s been a trip to a pub or the gym, or a visit to shops or hairdresser. Continue reading “All the little things”

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