The new office

The other day I met up with an old friend from work, it seems strange to be meeting with people again, but we were outside, visiting her local park.  Having spent so much time exploring and revisiting my own local scenery, it was a real pleasure to visit a new local place. The village ofContinue reading “The new office”


Do you ever just want to be elsewhere, somewhere that’s not here?  I have some time booked off work coming up soon, but it’s hard to allow myself to feel excitement or anticipation. Could it all be cancelled at the last minute?  Our plans have already been reduced from a potential week away in JerseyContinue reading “Elsewhere”

New beginnings

The very idea of doing something new is strangely exciting after all the restrictions.  We have heard that a new market is opening this weekend in Queenborough.  In normal life (what is that these days?) we would visit various farmers markets locally in Kent and on holiday in France, returning to our well established favourites. Continue reading “New beginnings”

Not like all the rest

They say you should focus on the journey not the destination.  Put me on a plane and I will enjoy the takeoff and landing with the view of the world below in miniature, but in between it’s just time better spent asleep or in a book.  When we’re in the car, at least there isContinue reading “Not like all the rest”

Welcome back part 2

It’s 8am on Monday morning.  My favourite French place in Canterbury, Cafe St Pierre has just re-opened and we are there for breakfast, we’re the first ones through the door, sitting at our favourite table,  with two petit dejeuners (a croissant, toasted baguette and jam,  and a bowl of coffee). We indulge in an extraContinue reading “Welcome back part 2”


Every day I go for a walk and I have of town or country.  I’m lucky, a short walk takes me to the cliffs or to the fields, but sometimes I prefer just to stay on my local streets and admire the flowers in people’s front gardens.  Over the last year there has been aContinue reading “Wildlife”


The weather is getting warmer and I’m starting to think about holiday breaks.  Foreign travel still looks like a challenge, even when it is allowed it will require a regime of testing.  Instead of making plans to visit our favourite places in France, I started looking at twinned towns.  My original plan was to seeContinue reading “Twins”

All the little things

This week I sat outside a cafe and drank coffee from a proper cup, not a takeaway and had pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.  Cooked by someone else!  It’s surprising how important the little things are; for others it’s been a trip to a pub or the gym, or a visit to shops or hairdresser. Continue reading “All the little things”


Sometimes it’s not about planning but just being in the right place at the right time.  Like the day we saw the sheep in Luzech.  This is our local town when we are staying in France and we visit most days to buy bread or sit in a cafe overlooking the river.  On market daysContinue reading “Transhumance”


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