Heritage Trees

The autumn glow has made me notice the trees around me more than the summer when they are just a green backdrop to my walks.  Now the surge of colour appears in tiny bursts in gardens, or at the end of side streets.  I have been reading about heritage trees and the work done toContinue reading “Heritage Trees”

On the edge

There is a hotel we have visited in previous years, which in the autumn and winter months offers hibernation breaks.  It’s a wonderful idea when it’s cold, windy and wet to go away for a weekend or a mid week break to be coddled and cosseted.  Somehow it’s never quite the same staying at home;Continue reading “On the edge”

Following the elephant

I’ve mentioned the elephant notebook before and how it is a collection of our travel hopes and dreams for the future.  As we go into a second lockdown, it feels like the to do list is likely to expand from a single elephant to a whole herd.  When we last visited Paris, I got toContinue reading “Following the elephant”

15 minute neighbourhood

Rob Walker in The Art of Noticing No.55 recently mentioned the 15 minute neighbourhood.  The phrase was new to me but the concept has always been part of my ideal place to live – somewhere you can walk or travel by wheelchair to all the necessary shops and amenities.  The interesting point is that it’sContinue reading “15 minute neighbourhood”

Shorter days, longer walks

As dawn and dusk draw closer together and the days get shorter, I have changed my daily walking habits from three lots of ten minutes to either fifteen minutes or thirty minutes.  My route has changed to explore a wider area and as I hate walking the same road going out and coming back, IContinue reading “Shorter days, longer walks”

Wimereux All Year Round

I’ve just read a short story about Wimereux in France; at the moment this is the closest I get to travelling anywhere.  It’s a town we have visited in various seasons as it’s a short trip for us, just the other side of the channel.  We’ve even stayed in a in seafront hotel in theContinue reading “Wimereux All Year Round”

Helsinki Beach

When I go to a new town or city, I like to explore but it’s easy to find myself on the same familiar routes.  When we go to Helsinki we head into the city centre or to the harbour, following the tram tracks and the wide boulevards that lead to the market.  Sometimes I needContinue reading “Helsinki Beach”

A visit to Teapot Island

I have said it before, but I do love going out for breakfast.   Sometimes it just has to be a full English, although you have to find the right place as this can range from the pile-it-high greasy spoon, to the gourmet with more plate than food.  A good Full English should never beContinue reading “A visit to Teapot Island”


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