On the Crab and Winkle Way

The other day I found myself in Canterbury with a spare hour or two to kill while I waited for my car to be serviced.  Too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, I wasn’t in the mood for shopping, so I decided to walk to Westgate Gardens and sit outside in the sunshine.Continue reading “On the Crab and Winkle Way”

A French breakfast

I love going out for breakfast.  Don’t confuse this with brunch, which to my mind, is a kind of artificial meal involving a long wait before having an early lunch.  I love the casual nature of breakfast, no need to book in advance, no dress code, no difficult choices of starter or dessert, no pressureContinue reading “A French breakfast”

Expedition into the new normal

Today I feel like an explorer as we venture out to see what is open in Canterbury.  Unfortunately many of our favourite restaurants and cafes are in small narrow premises which make social distancing difficult.  There are still sad signs on their doors, ‘we’re not open yet’.  We’re not able to visit the French cafe,Continue reading “Expedition into the new normal”

Welcome back

As the day approaches when cafes and restaurants can re-open I find myself consulting my list nervously.  Will they still be there or will the long close down have put them out of business.  I haven’t travelled anywhere for three months apart from the local supermarket and the farm shop.  At least one of myContinue reading “Welcome back”

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