Wimereux All Year Round

I’ve just read a short story about Wimereux in France; at the moment this is the closest I get to travelling anywhere.  It’s a town we have visited in various seasons as it’s a short trip for us, just the other side of the channel.  We’ve even stayed in a in seafront hotel in theContinue reading “Wimereux All Year Round”

Queues aren’t what they used to be

I used to get excited seeing a nice long queue when I visited a new French village or town.  Nowadays, everywhere you go there is a queue following the spaces marked on the pavement so I don’t stop to look.  I try and do all my shopping when it is quiet. But the right kindContinue reading “Queues aren’t what they used to be”

Around the Canal St Martin

This week I’ve been thinking about cancelled holidays and hoping that next year we will have a few more getaways.  We were due to go to Paris for a short break this September, following up on my first visit several years ago.  That trip was just a long weekend and as we were meeting friendsContinue reading “Around the Canal St Martin”

Celebrate summer

I know it is good to stay at home and shop local, but I am wishing I was in southwest France at the moment, in our usual summer holiday home.  July and August are the time of fête when everyone celebrates summer and even the smallest villages has its own weekend of celebrations.  Last year,Continue reading “Celebrate summer”

Not the usual suspects

At the moment I am finding travel programmes really irritating. Recorded in a different time where people jostle together, packed together on trains, crammed into busy restaurants and cafes, part of me wants to scream social distancing, but mostly I feel sad. Our list of places to visit continues to grow but from more unlikelyContinue reading “Not the usual suspects”


Slow travel is stopping on a journey because somewhere looks interesting instead of driving past and saying, “perhaps sometime we will come back and visit”.  You know you never will so those passing towns and villages remain fascinating, none of the mystique is dispelled by examining reality.  They stay dreamlike pictures outside the car. There’sContinue reading “Labastide-du-Vert”

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