Every picture tells a story

Pictures tell a story and when we used to travel to new places, I would explore the surroundings, streets, countryside or hotel grounds.  When I returned to the hotel room I could share the story of where I had been and what I had seen.  This is the Hotel Ferme de la Ratterie, a secludedContinue reading “Every picture tells a story”

Labyrinths and mazes

Spring is coming and my thoughts turn to possible holidays and short breaks.  I would like to walk a labyrinth, this is not to be confused with a maze, although the words are often used interchangeably.  A labyrinth is a spiral like shape which you can walk from start to finish, following the line toContinue reading “Labyrinths and mazes”

High days and holidays

This year I am determined to be more aware of the passing of time.  Last year birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays, all the times when I would celebrate with family or friends passed without note.  The year was punctuated by the changes between lighter restrictions and more serious lockdowns.  The seasons passed but nothing changed. StartingContinue reading “High days and holidays”

Travel without expectations

Ask me what I enjoy doing and travel is going to be in my top three activities; seeing new places, exploring and finding the places where the locals go makes me happy.  Waiting for the world to re-open has been challenging, especially without any sense of when things will get better.  To cheer myself up,Continue reading “Travel without expectations”

Wimereux All Year Round

I’ve just read a short story about Wimereux in France; at the moment this is the closest I get to travelling anywhere.  It’s a town we have visited in various seasons as it’s a short trip for us, just the other side of the channel.  We’ve even stayed in a in seafront hotel in theContinue reading “Wimereux All Year Round”

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