Following the elephant

I’ve mentioned the elephant notebook before and how it is a collection of our travel hopes and dreams for the future.  As we go into a second lockdown, it feels like the to do list is likely to expand from a single elephant to a whole herd.  When we last visited Paris, I got toContinue reading “Following the elephant”

Bunny and Pony, a love story

Yesterday I was looking at an old notebook and it reminded me of my last visit to Helsinki, more than a year ago. The first time we went to Finland, it was to see the reformed Hanoi Rocks play at the Tavastia in Helsinki.  As it was the middle of winter we chose our hotel,Continue reading “Bunny and Pony, a love story”

Shorter days, longer walks

As dawn and dusk draw closer together and the days get shorter, I have changed my daily walking habits from three lots of ten minutes to either fifteen minutes or thirty minutes.  My route has changed to explore a wider area and as I hate walking the same road going out and coming back, IContinue reading “Shorter days, longer walks”

Wimereux All Year Round

I’ve just read a short story about Wimereux in France; at the moment this is the closest I get to travelling anywhere.  It’s a town we have visited in various seasons as it’s a short trip for us, just the other side of the channel.  We’ve even stayed in a in seafront hotel in theContinue reading “Wimereux All Year Round”

Queues aren’t what they used to be

I used to get excited seeing a nice long queue when I visited a new French village or town.  Nowadays, everywhere you go there is a queue following the spaces marked on the pavement so I don’t stop to look.  I try and do all my shopping when it is quiet. But the right kindContinue reading “Queues aren’t what they used to be”

Another Time, Another Place

Sometimes it’s not where you go, it’s when you go that makes a difference.  Have you ever driven or walked through a familiar place at night and found it completely changed?  Sometimes you don’t need to travel to somewhere remote, you just have to find a different way of viewing your surroundings. We often visitContinue reading “Another Time, Another Place”

And the winner is…

This has not been a summer for visiting gardens, unlike last year there’s been no opportunity for tulip festivals, bluebell walks which I have enjoyed in previous years.  I was planning to visit Riverhill Himalayan Gardens at rhododendron time but that will now have to wait for next year. Staying very local has made meContinue reading “And the winner is…”

Beyond the white cliffs, below the castle

My apologies to anyone who lives in Dover, but I have never thought of it as a town to visit for itself.  The castle is magnificent, but perched above the town it feels rather apart and somehow separate.  I have travelled through the ferry port many times and admired the iconic white cliffs but againContinue reading “Beyond the white cliffs, below the castle”

Stay Local

I hate the word ‘staycation’, meaning a holiday spent in your home country.  Somehow this seems to  mean avoiding anything local and taking a long journey of motorways and traffic jams to travel from the comfort of your own home to somewhere packed with tourists.  Ironically from where I live I can travel by carContinue reading “Stay Local”

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