The past is a foreign country

‘It seemed bigger when I was little.’  How many times do we say this as adults returning to a place we visited as a child.  It feels like Alice in Wonderland, have we grown or has the world shrunk?  It’s not really a surprise, what is more surprising is returning to a place you rememberContinue reading “The past is a foreign country”

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Spring is officially here, although today is cold and grey, the flower beds are full of daffodils, tulips, violets, and hyacinths to brighten my walks.  Despite this abundance of colour, I don’t feel any excitement in my daily walks as the never-ending lockdown starts a second year and the months spent at home which wereContinue reading “Is there light at the end of the tunnel?”

New year, new resolutions

This year I am determined to be more relaxed, to not get (so) stressed about the things I can’t do at the moment.  I am taking my inspiration from a town in Bulgaria called Plovdiv.  I read about this in a travel article and if you search on the word “aylyak” there are plenty ofContinue reading “New year, new resolutions”

All roads lead to home

Over the last ten months I have explored the local roads, alleys and footpaths around my house.  Despite living in the same place for twenty years or more, I found I knew far less about my neighbourhood than I thought.  I have made it my mission to walk down every side street, cul-de-sac, unmade roadContinue reading “All roads lead to home”

The shortest day

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, which for me is a point of celebration.  After this date the days begin to get longer; a welcome impact on my working day which currently starts and ends in darkness.  The need for brightness, such as Christmas lights and for celebration at this time of year,Continue reading “The shortest day”

Travel without expectations

Ask me what I enjoy doing and travel is going to be in my top three activities; seeing new places, exploring and finding the places where the locals go makes me happy.  Waiting for the world to re-open has been challenging, especially without any sense of when things will get better.  To cheer myself up,Continue reading “Travel without expectations”

Following the elephant

I’ve mentioned the elephant notebook before and how it is a collection of our travel hopes and dreams for the future.  As we go into a second lockdown, it feels like the to do list is likely to expand from a single elephant to a whole herd.  When we last visited Paris, I got toContinue reading “Following the elephant”

Bunny and Pony, a love story

Yesterday I was looking at an old notebook and it reminded me of my last visit to Helsinki, more than a year ago. The first time we went to Finland, it was to see the reformed Hanoi Rocks play at the Tavastia in Helsinki.  As it was the middle of winter we chose our hotel,Continue reading “Bunny and Pony, a love story”

Shorter days, longer walks

As dawn and dusk draw closer together and the days get shorter, I have changed my daily walking habits from three lots of ten minutes to either fifteen minutes or thirty minutes.  My route has changed to explore a wider area and as I hate walking the same road going out and coming back, IContinue reading “Shorter days, longer walks”

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